John Ketchell | The Art of Motion Exhibition | London.

John Ketchell’s artworks are synonymous with movement, action and dynamics. Few artists can represent both figurative movement and that of mechanical speed in a way that commands the attention of the viewer and draws you in to the scene.

Ketchell’s motoring artwork is world renowned and collectors extoll his talents portraying motorsports finest examples in action doing what they do best! 

Less widely known are his other dynamic non-automotive subjects such as his locomotives and aeronautical imagery or his vigorous images of horse racing, polo, bike racing and fabulous animals in motion such as a leaping stag, charging bull elephant and a speeding hare. Many of these works have been produced on commission for private collections and Whyte Fine Art is privileged to be able to display some of the more recent works in this exhibition available for sale to the public.

The exhibition will run in Pall Mall, London from 26th October to 14th December. 

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